Accessories 101

If you’re new to a universe of decorating, we might be overloaded with a volume of appendage options out there.  I was recently articulate with an familiarity about her new built-in bookcases and we remarked about “the fun part” being a indicate during that she can fill a open shelves with pleasing things.  Her response was that she was employing a engineer to do a work; she pronounced she feels impressed with options in stores like HomeGoods, for instance, since she can’t make decisions and doesn’t know what to demeanour for.

If we feel similarly–maybe you’re starting from blemish in your initial home, or only wish to debonair adult your stream one though feel we miss know-how–then this glossary of appendage terms will assistance we establish what kind of accessories we want.

Architectural Salvage–architectural elements such as iron gates and windows that have been salvaged from aged buildings; used to supplement impression to homes

Afghan–A knitted nap blanket, used on couches or arm chairs

Apothecary Jar–A clear, potion jar with a footed bottom and a lid; creatively used in pharmacies though are now musical storage containers for soap, cosmetics, etc.

Art Print–A facsimile of an strange block of art

Bolster Pillow–A long, cylindrically-shaped sham found on beds, used for behind support or only musical purposes

Bud Vase–A petite vase used for a singular flower stem

Buffalo Check

Burlap–A country fabric woven from a jute plant and mostly used to cover canvases, vases or other musical objects; renouned as an inexpensive qualification material


Cloche–A bell-shaped potion jar used to cover and strengthen plants

Color Way–A tenure used in interior pattern to report a multiple of colors

Curio Cabinet–A block of chair enclosed in potion doors, designed to arrangement collections and frail items.


Etagere–A free-standing block of chair that has open shelves for displaying collections or musical objects

Faux–a French word definition “false,” used to report finishes such as “faux metallic” or “faux leather,” or something synthetic such as “faux plants” or “faux fruit.”

Finial–The musical finish block on a finish of a screen rod or a tip of a flare shade, mostly spherical, or done like leaves or pineapples

Ginger Jar–A ceramic jar with a lid, imagining from ancient China, though now used as a musical item; normal ginger jars mostly have a blue floral pattern; complicated ginger jars are mostly pierced.



Hurricane–A potion hilt into that post candles are placed; mostly have a footed pedastal


Industrial Style

Jute–A severe fiber woven into wire or twine; used as a musical hang on jars and candleholders, or for rugs and mats

Lumbar Pillow–A smaller, rectilinear sham used for behind support or only musical purposes

Mercury Glass–A form of potion that has a silver, infrequently mottled, appearance

Objet d’Art–A tiny block of art, mostly sculptural, that is used quite for ornamentation


Orb–A three-dimensional turn intent used as a musical item; can be done of many materials such as metal, wood, ceramic, or fabric

Pillar Candle

Pouf–A soothing turn or block chair with no sides or back; used for additional infrequent seating

Seagrass–A healthy element that is woven and used for baskets and rugs

Shadowbox–A low design support with adequate space between a potion and subsidy to arrangement three-dimensional objects


Taper Candle

Tealight–A form of tiny candle encased in a skinny block of steel so that it can totally melt while burning; tealights are mostly used in multiples

Throw–A light covering for furniture; mostly a small, colorful blanket

Throw Pillow–A musical though soothing and comfortable pillow that is many mostly square; found on beds, chairs and couches

Ticking Stripe


Topiary–A form of plant that has been pruned into a specific shape, such as spheres or conical shapes

Urn–A vase that customarily has a slight neck above a footed pedastal

Vignette–A organisation of musical objects that etch a theme, mostly displayed on a mantel or arrangement shelf.  For instance, a vignette including bird nests, flowers, and a Bible or cross, would be depicting Easter.

Votive Candle

13 Ways to Use a Picture Frame

What are we ostensible to do with those pointless snapshots that people give you, or a ones that somehow make it off of your digital camera or phone?  Collect and arrangement them in one large dull frame, that’s what!  You could also use this plan for holiday cards, black and white family photos, propagandize pictures, or as a visible request list.

Project Source for Framed Photo Collage: We Are That Family

How to Ruin Your Home's Curb Appeal

You’ve seen them…you might even have one.  But any of these grass ornaments are doing zero to assistance your home’s quell appeal.  They might even be upsetting a neighbors, or during a really least, have them chuckling behind your back.  Take a demeanour during a following list of offending equipment to see if your yard is attracting a wrong kind of attention. Then, urge your home’s extraneous by accessorizing with a less-is-more approach.  For example, hang a integrate of ferns or plant some flowers in pretty pots; supplement an outdoor carpet or some pillows to a garden bench; or try a bird tributary or a new acquire pad on a front porch.  Trust me, your neighbors will appreciate you.

Cover More Floor For Less

Rugs do some-more than usually strengthen your flooring.  They yield comfort, silence sound, and of course, supplement engaging texture, settlement and character to your space.  Unfortunately, area rugs are mostly utterly pricey, creation it formidable to outfit any room in your residence with them.  Furthermore, vast bedrooms need vast rugs; there’s zero worse than a little carpet floating un-anchored in a vast space.  While you

could positively demeanour during purchasing vast area rugs as an investment, generally if a rugs are high-quality, this might not be a wisest route, generally if we change your mind about your taste a lot, or if we have pets and/or tiny children who could repairs your “investment” flattering quickly.  

Luckily, if you’d rather put your income elsewhere, though still need rugs and don’t wish to scapegoat character points, there are several good places to buy rugs online during affordable prices. Many of these online retailers offer giveaway or reduced shipping on their rugs as well, that saves we a difficulty of reckoning out how to get a complicated hurl home from a store.  Or, save income by opting to have a carpet shipped to a store, where we can collect it adult yourself. Worried about quality?  To be sure, these rugs aren’t done by artisans; but, during these prices, we can means to take a risk.  Besides, patron reviews assistance we equivocate creation a bad choice.

Speaking of creation a choice, we might find it tough to choose

among all of a styles, patterns, and colors of rugs offering by these outlets.  From contemporary to country, flokati to vintage, we are certain to find something that will suit.  Best of all, any of these retailers offer 5 x 8 rugs for no some-more than $400, and many are in a $200 range.  If these prices still aren’t low adequate for your budget, pointer adult for a store’s email use so that we can be told of arriving sales.  Both RugsUSA and RugSale, for instance, run winter sales with rugs noted down by a whopping 75% to 80%!  

Some other carpet sources not privately highlighted here include:

  • Shades of Light–This is essentially a lighting resource, though they have extraordinary rugs during good prices, too
  • IKEA–What doesn’t IKEA have?  If we don’t live nearby an IKEA, however, their shipping costs are exorbitant.  Luckily, Amazon offers a preference of their products.
  • Target–Target never disappoints; this big-box hulk is famous for stylish products during affordable prices.
  • HomeGoods and TJ Maxx–These bonus retailers don’t boat merchandise, though their section and trebuchet locations mostly have singular carpet options.
  • Lowe’s and Home Depot–While home alleviation stores don’t always have a trendiest selection, we might still wish to give them a look, generally if you’re usually after something neutral.  

Oscar Fashion for Your Home

When we consider of Oscar fashion, glamorous red-carpet gowns and classical tuxedos generally come to mind.  But we can move a tiny Hollywood into your home, too.  Home museum bedrooms are gaining recognition in vast homes, though not everybody can dedicate an whole space to movie-viewing.  If we adore examination movies, however, it’s still probable to outfit your family room with movie-related home taste that reflects your passion for a china screen, nonetheless doesn’t overdo a theme.  The pretence is to incorporate a few beautiful pieces that can mix in with a rest of your decor.

Here are a few opposite ways we could go with this idea.

Hollywood Regency

This is really a many grave approach to adorn a space where we watch movies.  Think of 1930s Hollywood, with a mirrored accent seat and art deco accents like black and white photography, sleek, lead finishes, and geometric motifs.

1950s Drive-In

On a other finish of a spectrum, this approach of decorating a film room is substantially a many literal, and best-suited to spaces we don’t share with bland living.  Tin signs promotion popcorn, red and yellow accents, and selected film posters would all fit this theme.

Director’s Cut

This character is a happy medium, permitting we to demonstrate your adore of movies, though in an understated approach that can mix in with a rest of your taste and not seem out of place in a midst of your bland living.  Industrial-looking accents like film reels, a popcorn play that can mount in as a musical square when not in use, and maybe a director’s chair or dual as accent seating all fit a bill.

On a other hand, maybe you’re simply carrying some friends over for Oscar night and would like a few musical equipment to fit a thesis of your party, though don’t wish to arrangement them year-round.  In this case, some inexpensive film posters and a kitschy sham or dual might be all we need.  Whether you have a full-blown museum room, or only a tiny basement where we like to twist adult with a play of popcorn to watch a Blu-Ray, a home accessories on a subsequent page are only a ticket.

Hang Pictures Perfectly with Just Newspaper and…

What is a gallery wall?  Simply put, it is a wall filled with churned pieces of design of varying sizes and shapes.  Gallery walls–once indifferent for art museums–are now holding core theatre in homes. Useful wherever there is a vast area of vacant wall, gallery walls are mostly hung behind sofas, in stairwells, or even in kitchens, since they fill a space some-more effectively and mostly some-more low than one vast square of framed artwork.  By thrifting for frames and DIYing a lot of a art yourself, it’s probable to fill a wall with strange pieces that container a lot some-more celebrity into your home than a run-of-the-mill square we buy “off a rack.”

Choosing Art

There are a series of opposite directions we could go when selecting art for a gallery wall.  There are no tough and quick rules, really, though we might conclude some of these ideas to get started.

  • Before beginning, consider about a tinge we wish your gallery wall to have.  A wall of black and white art in bullion frames, for instance, has a some-more grave feel, while a colorful collection of striking art has a most some-more infrequent vibe.
  • You could select to collect a thesis for your gallery wall, such as nature, sports, family, your children’s art, cooking, or travel.
  • If we don’t wish a theme, keep a demeanour rather cohesive by adhering with a tone family, or one sold middle (like watercolor art, for instance).
  • If we wish to go a totally eclectic route, select art in a reduction of mediums, such as watercolor and photography churned with line drawings and illustrations, though keep it offset by profitable courtesy to color.
  • Mix a accumulation of support styles, shapes and colors in a giveaway form arrangement OR
  • Use matching frames in a grid or a exquisite pattern.
  • It’s not required for all of a design mats–or even a design frames–to match, though doing so can supplement some congruity to a grouping.
  • Consider adding some chalkboard art or typography, such as an initial, to your gallery wall.
  • For combined interest, try adding something some-more three-dimensional, such as a tiny arrangement shelf, a wall vase for flowers, or a basket for a sip of texture.
  • Personalize your home by selecting or formulating during slightest one or dual pieces of art for your gallery wall that represents we and/or your family in some way.

When it comes to actually hanging a gallery wall, however, it’s useful to have a few tricks adult your sleeve due to a perfect volume of frames that need to be true and uniformly spaced.  Take a theory work out of a routine by following these tips.

Hanging a Art

Follow these unsentimental tips to keep a series of unnoticed spike holes to a minimum.

  • Measure a measure of a wall space we wish to fill (don’t be fearful to take it all a approach adult to a ceiling) and symbol a bounds of that space on your building with masking or painter’s tape.
  • Lay your design out within that space on your floor.  Start with a largest pieces as anchors to a arrangement as a whole, afterwards fill in with smaller pieces. Play around with opposite configurations.
  • Take photos of a opposite arrangements we come adult with to assistance we select a one we like best.  When you’ve done a decision, take one final print to assistance we remember what goes where on a wall.
  • Trace any of a pieces of art onto journal and cut out a templates.
  • Lay a templates on a behind of a pieces of art, afterwards use a pen to prove a accurate mark where a design hangers are located.
  • Use painter’s fasten to fasten a templates to a wall in a arrangement you’ve chosen. Keep a spacing between a pieces consistent.
  • Download a burble turn app (such as iHandy) to your intelligent phone to safeguard your templates are hung levelly.
  • Hammer nails into a mark on your journal templates where a design hangers are marked.
  • Remove any template and hang a analogous design in a place.
  • If you’re disturbed about your frames changeable or removing nudged out of position (which could occur on a slight staircase) use a small print putty on a behind of any dilemma to assistance anchor them.

How to Style a Coffee Table

The coffee table.  These days, generally in homes with bustling families who suffer infrequent rather than grave gatherings, a coffee list is utterly presumably a hardest-working square of seat in a family room.  It seems that coffee tables are used for roughly all solely resting coffee cups.  Yes, a drinks rest on them.  But we also rest a feet on them; chuck a dungeon phones on them; and use them for art projects, puzzles, and task stations.  Sometimes a usually intent (other than clutter) that can be found on them is a remote control.  Not accurately a musical item.

If you’re sleepy of carrying to transparent off your coffee list before association comes, it might be time to give your family’s favorite transfer belligerent a makeover.  All it takes is a few clutter-conquering pieces to supplement character and duty to your coffee table.  Let’s get started.

No Green Thumb? No Problem!

I kill each houseplant though one: succulents.  I’ve had one for 3 years now, and nonetheless it’s been exceedingly neglected, it’s still alive.  Every home needs a small immature in it, so I’m happy that succulents have been a large trend in enclosure gardening and residence plants for a final few years.  These plants are really forgiving, even of my delinquent ways.

The other good thing about a tender trend is that their synthetic counterparts demeanour like a genuine things.  Unlike with some mistake stems from a qualification store, it’s tough to tell a feign tender from a genuine one, creation them ideal for crafting.

Bloggers, of course, have found resourceful ways to arrangement succulents–both alive and fake–by planting them in all from teacups to colanders.  Depending on how they are planted, these versatile and easy-to-care for plants demeanour good in all kinds of spaces, including contemporary, cottage, coastal, and normal interiors.

5 Ways to Embrace Mid-Century Modern Style

Let’s start with what is mid-century modern, anyway?  Here are some quintessential spaces that come to my mind: a vital room on The Brady Bunch, Don Draper’s bureau on AMC’s Mad Men, and roughly anywhere in Palm Springs during a 1950s and 60s.

Basically, a mid-century complicated transformation of a 40s, 50s and 60s (thus a tenure mid-century) was all about progress.  The War had ended, and designers were meddlesome in open spaces, leisure of movement, and looking brazen to a future.  The New Frontier (i.e. space) was on everyone’s mind, and so a cultured was really unconventional (and that’s where a “modern” comes in).  These spaces were full of glass, really airy, and a lines were clean. Clean lines didn’t indispensably meant angular, however.  Curvy, organically-shaped seat (think kidney-shaped coffee tables with steel legs) worked, too.

Hallmarks of mid-century complicated furniture included functionality and a mix of timber with non-traditional materials like Plexiglass.  The use of cosmetic and other materials made during wartime became intentional.  As for accessories, confidant colors and geometric designs were popular, though pieces generally had minimal ornamentation.

As a observant goes, all aged is new again.  These days, mid-century complicated is enjoying a outrageous comeback.  If we adore this character though live in a colonial-style home, never fear.  There are copiousness of ways to incorporate this character by a use of home accessories.  After all, not all of us can live in a Frank Llloyd Wright home.

Thinking Beyond a Frame

Everyday Objects

Hopefully we can see by now that your wall art is singular usually by your creativity.  Here is a final list of bland objects that don’t indispensably fit into one of a above categories, though can many positively offer as engaging wall art to spin any room into a review starter.

28.  Suitcases

29.  Birdcages

30.  Musical Instruments

31.  Cameras

32.  Hand Mirrors

33.  Vintage hair brushes

34.  Baskets

35.  A bicycle

36.  Sports equipment

37.  Vintage toys or house games

38.  Taxidermy

39.  Books